"In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king"

MSDOS 6.2 Master Boot Record

7C00 START      CLI
7C01            XOR     AX,AX           ; AX=0000
7C03            MOV     SS,AX           ; SS=0000
7C05            MOV     SP,7C00         ; SP=7C00 (start)
7C08            MOV     SI,SP           ; SI=7C00 (start)
7C0A            PUSH    AX
7C0B            POP     ES              ; ES=0000
7C0C            PUSH    AX
7C0D            POP     DS              ; DS=0000
7C0E            STI                     ; Disable interrupts
7C0F            CLD                     ; Set direction flag=inc.
7C10            MOV     DI,0600
7C13            MOV     CX,0100
7C16            REPNZ
7C17            MOVSW                   ; Relocate the MBR from
                                        ; 7C00 to 0600.  Copy the
                                        ; first 256 bytes of the
                                        ; MBR.  This copies a few
                                        ; extra bytes at the end
                                        ; just in case.  The boot
                                        ; sector will be later
                                        ; loaded at location 7C00.
7C18            JMP     0000:061D       ; Basically jumping to
                                        ; 7C1D at new loc. 061D.
7C1D            MOV     SI,07BE
7C20            MOV     BL,04
7C22            CMP     BYTE PTR [SI],80
7C25            JZ      7C35
7C27            CMP     BYTE PTR [SI],00
7C2A            JNZ     7C48
7C2C            ADD     SI,+10
7C2F            DEC     BL
7C31            JNZ     7C22
7C33            INT     18
7C35            MOV     DX,[SI]
7C37            MOV     CX,[SI+02]
7C3A            MOV     BP,SI
7C3C            ADD     SI,+10
7C3F            DEC     BL
7C41            JZ      7C5D
7C43            CMP     BYTE PTR [SI],00
7C46            JZ      7C3C
7C48            MOV     SI,068B
7C4B            LODSB
7C4C            CMP     AL,00
7C4E            JZ      7C5B
7C50            PUSH    SI
7C51            MOV     BX,0007
7C54            MOV     AH,0E
7C56            INT     10
7C58            POP     SI
7C59            JMP     7C4B
7C5B            JMP     7C5B
7C5D            MOV     DI,0005
7C60            MOV     BX,7C00
7C63            MOV     AX,0201
7C66            PUSH    DI
7C67            INT     13
7C69            POP     DI
7C6A            JNB     7C78
7C6C            XOR     AX,AX
7C6E            INT     13
7C70            DEC     DI
7C71            JNZ     7C60
7C73            MOV     SI,06A3
7C76            JMP     7C4B
7C78            MOV     SI,06C2
7C7B            MOV     DI,7DFE
7C7E            CMP     WORD PTR [DI],AA55
7C82            JNZ     7C4B
7C84            MOV     SI,BP
7C86            JMP     0000:7C00

7C8B            DB      'Invalid partition table',0
7CA3            DB      'Error loading operating system',0
7CC2            DB      'Missing operating system',0