"In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king"

Software Architect, Security Engineer, and Musician originally from New York City (currently living in Berlin, Germany) with over 20 years of experience in all aspects of software development, working for many types of businesses including banks, retail, trade unions, government, and product engineering.

Listed here are other notable projects apart from my professional carrer that I've been involved with.


The Twonker

The Twonker

The Twonker is a free audio workstation MIDI Plugin that allows a digital piano (or any MIDI instrument) to play tones from the Overtone Series (also known as the Harmonic Series). It is designed to run within most digital audio workstations as a synthesizer on MacOS, Windows, and Linux.

The Twonker is released under the Artistic License 2.0, a GPL-compatible license that is both free and open source. The latest version of The Twonker (v1.2.0) was released on June 17th, 2023.

The NTLDR Hacking Guide

Describes how to boot Windows NT, Windows 95, Linux and old versions of DOS using NTLDR.

The Freenet Project

Freenet is free software which lets you anonymously share files, browse and publish "freesites" (web sites accessible only through Freenet) and chat on forums, without fear of censorship.


The End Times

New Jersey Ska-Punk. Recorded remotely from various locations including East Sound Studios where it was ultimately produced and mixed by Casey Eastmond. Performed guitar on all tracks. Released 2/2/2021.

Six song EP available on streaming platforms such as Bandcamp, Apple Music and Spotify.


  • The Duff Guide to Ska: The End Times produce a '90s ska sound that's a fierce mix of trad, modern, and punk-ish ska with blistering, Lee Ving-like hardcore vocals troweled on top (and the contrast works surprisingly well).
  • Read Junk: Over the course of six songs, The End Times invoke their alter-egos and get you skankin' right quick [...] before you know it, the EP is over and I'm left wanting more.

Live Performances



Heavy guitar-based rock. The guitars on "Rush To The Editor" were creatively layered with synthesizers to create a wah-like envelope on each attack. "No batteries To Ride Into The Stratosphere" is an instrumental track textured with synthesizers.

Android Lust

Android Lust

Performed guitar and keyboards on the national tour for the album "Rise, Devour and Take Flight", described as "an unforgiving electronic rock assault carried across twelve powerful tracks."

The Rudie Crew

The Rudie Crew

From the ever burning ashes with a new fire burning comes The Rudie Crew, rejuvenated and ready to bring to the world Skragga a combination of Reggae and Ska.

One of the original members during the formation of the band in the late '90s. Regularly performed guitar at spots in an around the New York City area including CBGB's, Wetlands Preserve, The Continental, The Knitting Factory, Acme Underground, and Coney Island High.